At Armour Glass, our krypton filled heritage units can be shipped nationally, we have over 13 years of expertise


Our thin glazed units combine the latest glass manufacturing technology with the traditional aesthetic of period properties. Our thin sealed units is manufactured to faithfully replicate the look of single pane glazing while achieving modern standards for energy efficiency performance.

Krypton Gas Windows

Krypton is 164% denser than oxygen. When it comes to double or triple pane windows, the gas included plays a major role in slowing the transfer of heat. 

Duplex Glazing Systems

The Duplex glazing system is a useful and important system of creating beautiful windows. It is especially appropriate for conservation areas.

Heritage Glazing

The Heritage unit is a narrow sightline unit with an overall thickness of 12mm-16mm, manufactured specifically for historic and conservation properties


5 Years Guarantee

We offer a 5 years Guarantee on all double glazing products. 


Krypton Cavaties

Insulated units incorporating krypton cavities.

About Us

Armour Glass are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of double glazed units. With over 13 years’ experience in the glass industry Armour Glass have established a significant portfolio of products. We have and will continue to set the highest standards of quality for all glass products and this is demonstrated by our British Standard Certifications.

Supplying quality double and triple glazed units with low ‘U’ values with many enhanced optional decorative features to offer your domestic customers the ultimate glass choice for their new window installation.

With a range of double and triple glazed units, we can offer Low ‘E’ coated glass, allowing variable heat and light transmissions which is perfect for conservatories.

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We’ve Been Supplying Glass For Over 13 years

Current Building Regulations state that any window you install today should have a U-value (a method used for comparing energy performance, see side-bar for more details) of no higher than 1.6, as most modern double glazing now has. All Armour Glass Ltd Double Glazed units reach or indeed exceed this requirement.

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